Maria By Callas, Éditions Assouline, Écrit par Tom Volf

Maria by Callas

Tom Volf travelled across the world to meet Maria Callas’ close friends as they opened their private collections. He discovered many unseen photos, most of them coming from Maria’s personal albums. Nadia Stancioff, her best friend and Georges Prêtre, her favourite conductor have accepted for the first time to be a part of a book about the artist. This unique book gives a new perspective, more intimate, on Maria.

Callas Confidential, Éditions de la Martinière, écrit par Tom Volf

Callas Confidential

This book invites us to walk in La Callas’ footsteps, a fragile woman and hard-working artist. She was a perfectionist. This edition sheds new light on her legend thanks to an unheard of iconography an immersive approach. The photos, from La Callas’ personal albums or unknown archives, were never shown before. You will also find excerpts from her private correspondence and moving notebooks containing press reviews the artist was collecting herself. This book shows you the behind-the-scenes with forgotten interviews and Maria’s own words. She mentions her life, her art, her love life and the scandals that affected her career

Lettres & Mémoires Innachevées, Éditions Albin Michel, texte établi par Tom Volf

Lettres & Mémoires Innachevées

In 1957, La Callas started to write about her own life. Her childhood, her youth, her years of training and the advent of her career before leaving this manuscript incomplete. Tom Volf discovered this book while working on the Maria by Callas exhibition and added 400 letters from 1946 to her death. We find letters to her husband Giovanni Baptista Meneghini, revealing a loving wife who cared only about her husband’s happiness. You will also see letters to her singing professor Elvira de Hidalgo, revealing Maria before she became La Callas: an ambitious young artist ready to move from audition to audition in order to get her first role in the opera. This shows how many sacrifices she made in order to succeed in her career. You will also find the unique love letter Maria wrote to Aristote Onassis, a few months before their separation.